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About Philip J. Massa

Mr. Massa began his legal career as a frontline prosecutor trying criminal cases in both the misdemeanor and felony divisions in Palm Beach County, Florida. He was soon promoted to the special prosecution divisions of the White Collar and Organized Crime Unit and the Worthless Checks and Negotiable Instruments Division. In 1995, Mr. Massa left public service and started his criminal defense firm representing clients charged with criminal offenses in state and federal courts. Soon after opening his practice, Mr. Massa was selected to participate as a Criminal Justice Act Attorney representing criminal defendants in federal court in the Southern District of Florida. He was also selected to be a member of the Palm Beach County Conflict Committee as an attorney representing criminal defendants in state court. Mr. Massa has litigated several hundred criminal cases and has taken over 100 serious felony cases to trial. Additionally, Mr. Massa is qualified by Florida state statute to represent defendants in death penalty cases and has litigated several cases.
Mr. Massa has also distinguished himself as an appellate attorney and has authored over 55 criminal felony appeals. He has argued criminal appeals before Florida's, Fourth District Court of Appeal, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit. In addition to his criminal practice, Mr Massa has helped many people with immigration issues and  has been recognized by Florida International University for his studies in Immigration and Nationality Law.   
In 2006, Mr. Massa returned to public service by joining the Attorney General's office as a prosecutor for the Southeast Division of Florida. As an Assistant Attorney General, Mr. Massa was a trial attorney in the Economic Crime Unit, and was successful in prosecuting individuals and corporations that violated Florida's Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act. While with the agency, he was recognized and commended by then- Attorney General Bill McCullum for his work in International Law.   
In 2007, Mr. Massa was appointed by then-Governor Charlie Crist to start a new state agency tasked with the mission of providing quality criminal and civil representation for Florida's poor. Within the short period of four years, Mr. Massa, with a dedicated and talented staff of professionals built the agency from a legislative concept to a successful and professional public law firm serving thousands of Florida residents. The efforts of the agency were recognized in Mr. Massa's last year of his term, by being awarded the Governor's coveted distinction, the Prudential-Davis Exemplary Agency Award, 2011.  

After the expiration of his term, Mr. Massa left public service and returned to his private practice.  Mr. Massa continues to practice in the field of criminal litigation, criminal appeals, and immigration.  He has also expanded his practice to include personal injury, family, and state and local government relations.  
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