Philip J. Massa, P.A.
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Criminal Defense
Mr. Massa has twenty-two years experience in criminal trial and criminal appeals. He is experienced and accomplished in all matters of criminal defense. He was selected to participate as a Criminal Justice Act Attorney in defending clients charged with federal crimes. He was also selected to serve as a conflict attorney in Palm Beach County representing individuals charged with serious state felony offenses.
Mr. Massa has litigated hundreds of criminal cases, and has taken over 100 felony cases to trial. He has represented clients in all areas of criminal defense, including death penalty cases, first and second degree murder, burglary, drug possession, manufacturing, and trafficking, firearm offenses, robbery, assault and battery, burglary, theft, robbery, fraud, white collar crimes, and all traffic crimes including, DUI, and DUI homicides, Mr. Massa has extensive experience in defending white collar crimes and has represented clients in federal and state courts. Mr. Massa is an accomplished criminal appellate attorney and has argued appellate cases in state and federal courts. 
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